1 week to go!!! Don't panic!

Only one week to go!

The next week is very important! Don't get injured! Don't get ill! Don't train too hard! Don't give up!

The swimathon now has an amazing 32 participants!! Congratulations to all of those who have decided to swim next week for this great cause! Let's all pray for a late heat wave to come in and warm the sea up again as it has gotten a little chilly recently! 

We have 2 people swimming 15km

3 people swimming 10km

1 person swimming 7km

1 person swimming 5km

2 people swimming 3km

9 people swimming 2km

And finally 12 people swimming 1km

Good luck to all those people in the final countdown to next weekend, train well, eat well, sleep well and most of all prepare your mind! 

In open-water swimming you never actually know how difficult it is going to be. Which way will the currents go; what will the water temperature be like; will it be sunny or not; what will the visibility be like; will your goggles mist up! You have to be prepared for the unexpected! And then when it all feels like it is going wrong and the waves are too big, you are swallowing gallons of sea water and you can't see anything...remember to keep a sense of humour and remember why you are swimming! 

We need to protect our seas! Your participation in this swim is one small step to changing the way we interact with our precious seas! The money raised is going to a great cause, but more than that if each person that attends this event on Saturday 11th (expecting about 100) speaks to only 10 people about what they did that Saturday and why, we reach a further 1000 people!! If they then speak to 3 it gets to 3000, and so on, until slowly we will start to affect the way people think and act with their seas! And the simple fact is we must change the way we think of them and start to protect them!

Each one of us can actually make a difference, so this swim is the start not the end of the journey. Remember that in the last week and get inspired for an excellent swim, no matter the weather or water temperature or if you look really bad in a speedo and way too many people are going to see you in it!!!!!!

Good luck.


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