Ladies and Gentlemen...the day is almost upon us, and to be quite honest the nerves have really set in! The weather is not great for tomorrow, Beaufort scale 4 in the morning, gusts of wind up to 18knots and waves about half a meter high! Not the best conditions to say the least. But if it was easy then it wouldn't be any fun!!!

But in this time of nail biting, I would like to reflect on the number 100,000.

My training started in June, up until this point I have swum just over 100,000M

Tomorrow on Saturday, 32 people will swim a collective 100,000M on the day!

Collectively we have manage to raise a staggering €100,000!!!!!

So when the nerves pick up, when the water is swallowed, when the cold sets in...remember the number 100,000 and think about the amazing things we have achieved just because we care enough!! 

Good luck and pray for the wind to disappear, and if it doesn't, pray that you start to love wind!


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Καλή επιτυχία! Best of luck tomorrow!
2014-10-10, Spyros

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