Lets talk about Chaffing!!

Yes I know, I know I look highly sexy above! But lets get back to the point! Chaffing!! It is no accident that I am pictured in front of a cactus plant! Imagine squishing cactus fruit in your armpits, and voila that is under arm chaffing for you!

Seriously painful when it starts getting raw, then the salt starts stinging and before you know it your armpits feel like they've got a mixture of Sriracha and Tabasco sauce coming out of them! 

That was until I discovered Sudocrem!! 

Sudocrem is no longer a simple cream that you put on babies bottoms, oh no no no! It is pure white gold! It makes your armpits feel like they are surfing through a warm bath of cotton wool wrapped up in a tight cashmere jumper! Oh it is bliss and an absolute essential for long distance swimming!!


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Great blog and what a fantastic challenge this is! Well done Paul!! #mazisou
2014-08-08, George V

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