A change of wind, a change of swim but the same amazing Lewis!

This morning turned out to be a lot windier than forecast, so the planned swim northwards from Glyfada to Pireaus had to be flipped upside down and back to front. The swim still left from Glyfada but headed south towards Vougliagmeni in conditions that I certainly was not prepared for.

The forecast said Beaufort 3-4 which in itself is quite windy, but the thing that really amazed me was the incredible swell that hit us. Waves in some instances well over 3-4 meters with white tips, really sorted the boys from the men, and ladies and gentlemen...I am still a very small boy! Lewis swam 10k in just over 3 hours in some simply amazing waves. I lasted 15 minutes and proceeded to then get on the small speedboat accompanying us...and get seriously sea sick!! Not quite how I had planned my amazing chance to swim with Lewis. 

Even as I was turning green, the day was amazing. Watching Lewis, Kelvin and Ben (his camera man and photographer) swimming so steadily and committed was seriously inspiring! I have a renewed commitment to train hard for my own swim and will keep the image of them swimming through those waves to keep me going!

So I managed 779 meters in 15 minutes which is a pace 50pct faster than I have been used to in training, in waves so large I started to feel sea sick whilst swimming and just to make sure I was seriously challenged the water was also seriously deep which was a bit off putting; So I got panicky and stressed and finally pretty tired also as I couldn't get my breathing calmed down! Not a great achievement on a personal basis, but certainly a amazing first hand experience of the super human ability of people like Lewis who really are experts in this endurance swimming world! My hat is tipped and will be for a long time! Incredible day watching a master swimmer, who is doing it all for a great cause...to protect our seas! 

It was an amazing experience that I can't quite believe happened. It was only two months ago I came up with the crazy idea to swim 15k, and today I got to swim with the most famous long distance endurance swimmer of our time! The synchronicity of the world is strange indeed.


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Heroes come in all sizes Paul! Bravo! We are all proud of you at WWF
2014-09-10, Katerina

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